ReVinylFloor stimulates sustainable controlled loop solutions for reuse, recycling and/or recovery of post-use vinyl flooring in Europe.

ReVinylFloor and its partners work with authorities, national recycling associations, waste collectors, demolition companies, recyclers and converters across Europe to ensure that post-use vinyl flooring is collected, safely recycled and given a new life within the boundaries of EU Circular Economy legislation.

It provides a fully functional and transparent controlled loop chain of post-use resilient vinyl flooring. Our European network partner activities include among others production, collection, sorting, recycling, reprocessing and reuse of the recycled materials in various applications.

ReVinylFloor aims to champion and scale up PVC recycling initiatives for the benefit of the whole industry. ReVinylFloor addresses our collective sustainability challenges to support the PVC industry on its way to a  more circular and sustainable future.

The raw materials used to make PVC are 100% recyclable. After mechanical separation, grinding, cleaning and treatment to eliminate impurities, PVC can be reprocessed and reused in the production of new vinyl products. 

By recovering PVC waste and transforming it into a secondary raw material for new vinyl building products, our partners will rely less on virgin PVC, thereby lowering their environmental footprint, conserving energy as well as natural resources, and saving costs.


ReVinylFloor and its partners are convinced that recycling of PVC floor coverings, after providing a good service life, is long-term the superior solution for the society even if other end-of-life options, as landfill or incineration short term might have price advantages. The waste of valuable raw materials and energy is not acceptable for the involved companies. Together with public authorities and the industry, ReVinylFloor is working to improve waste logistics and develop additional applications for recycled material.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Example of a mechanical recycling process for vinyl flooring as used in AgPR.

As time does not stand still, we strive to offer our partners the safest, most cost-effective, sustainable solutions for recovering and recycling vinyl floor covering material at every stage of its life (including manufacturing, installation and post-consumer). The partners of ReVinylFloor ensure that their materials will safely enter new lifecycles in durable products. Alternatively they will opt for other sustainable recovery initiatives for post-use products in line with the EU Waste Hierarchy and Circular Economy principles.


ReVinylFloor and its partners will work increasingly with (inter)national recycling associations, waste collectors, demolition companies, recyclers and converters across Europe to ensure that post-use vinyl flooring is collected, safely recycled and given a new life.


VinylPlus® and the Vinyl Foundation therefore have called upon internationally renowned plastics recycling and converting expert Bernard Merkx to lead the transformation of the ReVinylFloor initiative into a multi-stakeholder horizontal co-creation platform.


The aim is to go beyond today’s achievements and offer the most sustainable solutions for vinyl floor-covering material along its life. This also implies that any future initiatives will be in line with the Waste Hierarchy Principles, where zero waste to landfill will be a key element.

“We need to further explore the evolving needs and challenges of the PVC resilient floor-covering industry while expanding and strengthening existing networks to achieve a strong sustainable supply chain of seperate collection, sorting and recycling of floorcovering waste.

This also includes the exploration of further commercial outlets and additional high quality applications for current recyclates in Europe and the pursuit of possible new uses and technologies to enhance recycling and upcycling”

ReVinylFloor Director Bernard Merkx