ReVinylFloor, is a voluntary responsible network of leading vinyl flooring and recycling companies, jointly ensuring that flooring materials containing PVC increasingly enter a new life cycle.
Why should you join?

To help to prevent the landfilling or incineration of PVC, and to raise the awareness for the industries efforts in the society. It is vital that our industry finds a new way forward – based on circular business models. And as stakeholders and policymakers become increasingly interested in the chemical makeup and waste impacts of PVC, our industry must use raw materials in an even more environmentally friendly way and recapture as well as recycle PVC at its end of life.

More importantly, as customers become increasingly interested in sustainability, joining ReVinylFloor will help to demonstrate your commitment to further improve your environmental impact. in the future, public authorities and companies will increasingly prioritise environmental criteria in buying decisions.

What are the benefits?

You gain invaluable support in ensuring that the materials in your products are transformed into recycled raw materials for new products or other recovery initiatives.

You conserve natural resources and energy, lowering your carbon footprint, as recycling PVC uses less energy than manufacturing virgin PVC.

You take concrete steps to avoid the waste of valuable raw materials and showcase your progress to customers as sustainability becomes an increasingly important factor in buying decisions. 

You benefit from a coherent industry voice representing your interests and contribute to discussions with key decision makers and stakeholders, raising the profile of our industry and building momentum on our recycling achievements.

Who can join?
  • Floor covering companies producing PVC-based floor covering 

  • Suppliers to PVC-producing floor covering companies, including raw materials suppliers

  • Recycling companies

  • Installation and dismantling companies

  • National and international floor covering associations

Members of the Vinyl Foundation
Other ReVinylFloor Partners
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