Products made from PVC have a wide array of benefits that make them highly competitive in terms of resource efficiency and environmental impact. PVC is mainly made from oil and salt and the products made from it are highly durable as well as energy efficient. In the flooring industry, PVC is used to create extremely tough, long lasting, hygienic and easy to clean as well as maintain vinyl flooring. These properties make vinyl flooring a popular and widely used alternative in a wide array of sectors, especially if heavy duty flooring is required. 

The Recycling of Vinyl Flooring

Every product, no matter how durable and tough it is, at some point reaches the end of its life cycle, and at this point, ReVinylFloor steps into the picture.

Currently, the majority of PVC flooring waste ends up in landfill or incinerators. This takes up precious land and squanders valuable resources.

This is why the ReVinylFloor partners ensure that their materials will increasingly enter new life cycles in durable products. Alternatively, they will opt for other sustainable recovery initiatives for post-use products in line with the EU Waste Hierarchy and Circular Economy principles.

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Showing the Path for a Circular Economy

PVC compounds are 100% recyclable physically, chemically or energetically.
The Creation of New Products

After mechanical separation, grinding, cleaning and treatment to eliminate impurities, it is reprocessed using various techniques (granulated or powder) and then reused in the production of a variety of products. ReVinylFloor stimulates sustainable controlled loop solutions for reuse, recycling and/or recovery of post-use vinyl flooring in Europe. The creation of new products is crucial for the success of recycling schemes and for the transition towards a more circular economy.

ReVinylFloor aims to maximise the diversion from landfill as well as incineration. To ensure a healthy and strong market for recyclate in Europe, ReVinylFloor also works together with PVC flooring producers and recycling companies to develop and promote new products as an outlet for the recycled material.